My dad

I started Moments into Memories in June 2016 the day after the success of my first charity ball in memory of my dad Geoff Cleal. My Dad was diagnosed with skin cancer back in November 2011 from a mole he had removed the mole was taken off but unfortunately the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes in his left leg the lymph nodes were removed and dad continued on with normal life having 3 monthly check ups, everything was fine until April/ May 2015. Dad started to feel unwell it started with headaches and then got to the point where he couldn’t go to work because the migraines were so bad my mum took him to the doctors and the doctor took one look in his right eye and sent them both up to Broomfield A&E, within the hour my mum & dad were given the devastating news. That’s when my phone rang, I was at work and my mum would never ring me she would always text first so as soon as I saw her number my gut told me something was wrong I picked up the phone to hear my mum hysterically crying saying “ dads cancer is back” “ he has a brain tumour “ no words can come close to how I felt that day my heart broke into so many pieces! And that’s when my dads journey/ battle with melanoma cancer began. On the 3rd July he had the brain tumour removed at the queens hospital Romford the operation was a complete success but the victory didn’t last long the doctors was worried about a loss of blood somewhere else in the body and couldn’t seem to find where it was coming from until 20th August 2015 ( my mum & dads wedding anniversary) we were told the Cancer was spreading to the stomach and that they hoped the chemotherapy was going to work. He started radiotherapy in the September and he seemed to be doing ok, but at the start of October things took a turn for the worse and he started to get ill very quickly. By the end of October we were told there was nothing more they could do and we had to discuss where dad would like to be for end of life! We were guided to Farleigh Hospice and we definitely made the right choice. Dad was in room 6 , it was the most peaceful place ever and I’ll never forget the memories I have nursing dad to the end something I will carry forever the staff and doctors treated us all with the up most respect anyone could ask for. He passed away 18th November at 6:07. And that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing if I can help stop this happening to anyone else by raising money for Cancer Research then I’d be a very happy lady but most of all I want to help Farleigh Hospice in anyway I can.